The Adidas AlphaBOUNCE Sneakers

Not every person is a trigger-upbeat shoe customer prepared to wipe out their nearby spot on a week by week premise. No shade however, we at Highsnobiety welcome that you aren’t so fiscally pointless. We additionally comprehend that you may have inquiries concerning the most recent models: would i be able to wear these to the rec center? Is it accurate to say that they are comfortable? In the event that I wear these will I be the trendiest person at the workplace lastly gain the acknowledgment and reverence of my colleagues?

These are for the most part legitimate inquiries, so regarding the individuals who get a kick out of the chance to be taught about footwear buys, we exhibit Test Drive: a hands-on arrangement that gives you a first-individual take a gander at the most recent tennis shoes to hit the roads.

We as a whole have chalices for the ‘gram flex and mixers for the exercise center, yet now and again we simply require one sets to bring us during that time with both style and solace. The adidas AlphaBOUNCE comes in at $100, offering new execution highlights finish with a free for all inciting YEEZY-esque print.

Considering the price point, I’m fairly impressed with the AlphaBOUNCE’s durability as a cross trainer. Visual inspection showed no signs of a poor paint or glue job, which was a good start. I wore the shoe through my regular gym routines but also found myself running and playing some pickup basketball. I’m usually pretty cautious about this because I’ve had plenty of runners and crossover models tear or separate when I tried to hoop in them, but these held up great.

Trying to follow up on the crossover success of the Ultra Boost is a tall order, but adidas has kept its hot streak going. The BOUNCE foam carried me through morning runs and the FORGEDMESH was even enough to keep me from getting crossed on the court. I would be wary of the ankle support, however, as it is fairly minimal and true support mainly comes from the mid and forefoot.

Performance aside, you can rock these jawns outside the gym, I mean just look at the sweet fade across the midsole. As a low-top trainer, they work with jeans, joggers (if you’re into that), or whatever else you and the bros might wear to the club. Hell, the traction is so good it’ll keep you from slipping on the beer your drunk homie in the oversized Timbs just spilled (someone please tell him it’s already July).

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